A Walk Through the Bible - Old Testament

An overview of the main persons and events of the Old testament will provide a foundational chronology of salvation history. The books of the Bible will be memorized, and students will become familiar with how to use the Bible. This class is foundational for the classes that follow, and must be taken as one of the first classes.


A Walk Through the Bible - New Testament

An overview of the Gospels with attention to the saving work of Christ. Also an overview of the book of Acts, and summary of the themes of the letters of Paul, Peter, John, and Jude. Included will be a brief look at Hebrews and Revelation.


A Matter of Life and Death

This  study of the Fifth Commandment will enable the student to speak up for the value of human life and face current life issues such as abortion, euthanasia, war, capital punishment, unhealthy habits, (smoking, drinking, overeating, etc), death and dying. The Fifth Commandment and its meaning will be memorized.



This completion of the Third Article will study Biblical and popular ideas about the End Times, including the resurrection of the dead, Judgment Day, Heaven and Hell.


Getting Along With God

The first three of the Ten Commandments teach us how to manage our relationship with God — to fear, love and trust in God above all things, to keep His name holy, and to worship Him. The First through Third Commandments and their meanings will be memorized.


Getting Along With People - From Friends and Family to Foreigners

Studying the Fourth Commandment will help with understanding authority —especially the parent-child relationship. The Eighth Commandment teaches honesty and respect for others’ reputations. The Fourth and Eighth Commandments and meanings will be memorized.


God and Romance

This Biblical study of the purpose and plan for sexuality, based on the Sixth Commandment, covers the misuse of sex (promiscuity, adultery, pornography), dating, abstinence, and the roles of husbands and wives in marriage. The Sixth Commandment and its meaning will be memorized.


God, Creation and Evolution

Focusing on the First Article of the Apostles’ Creed, the students will answer such questions as: How do we know there is a God? How do the Bible and “the world” differ on explaining where everything came from? Why is it important to believe what the Bible says? The First Article and its meaning will be memorized.


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Music and Liturgy

This class will look at the various things that make up our liturgy and the hymns that we sing in church.  It will highlight why we do what we do in worship.


Taking Care of God's Stuff

This unit introduces stewardship through the Seventh, Ninth, and Tenth Commandments. It deals with not only respecting the property and possessions of others, but recognizing that everything belongs to God, and we are managers of His “stuff.” Tithing will be taught, and the Seventh, Ninth and Tenth Commandments and meanings will be memorized.


Immanuel, What Now?

This class is for 8th grade only.

Does participation in church end when you get confirmed?  How do you stay involved in the church community?  What does Matthew 28 and Acts 2 say?  We will explore opportunities to stay connected to the church and ways to live out your faith and service to God.

The Church and the Great Commission

This continuation of the Third Article will study the purpose and role of the Body of Christ. The Office of the Keys will be taught. Witnessing will be emphasized. How to choose, join and participate in a church will also be covered. Some service projects will be required for this unit. The Third Article and catechism section on the Office of the Keys will be memorized.

The Lord's Supper

This unit will explain the Biblical teaching on Holy Communion and prepare the student to begin receiving this sacrament. (The catechism sections on the Lord’s Supper will be memorized.)


The Lord's Prayer and the Christian's Prayer Life

How and why we pray is the heart of this unit. It is both a study of the greatest prayer and practical instruction in the personal devotional life and spiritual disciplines. The petitions and meanings of the Lord’s Prayer will be learned.


The Life of Christ and the Life of the Christian

On the basis of the Second Article of the Creed, the students will review the basic teachings of the Bible on who Jesus is and what He did/does/will do for us. It will also touch on the ramifications of being a Christian — ethics and morality. The Second Article and its meaning will be memorized.

The Holy Spirit, Conversion And Baptism

This session introduces the Third Article of the Creed and the work of the Holy Spirit. Students will learn what makes Baptism so special and about the role of spiritual gifts in the life of Christians. The Third Article and its meaning and the catechism sections on Holy Baptism will be memorized.