Grace Space

Have you noticed a new area for kids in the front of the church during worship? “Grace Space” is a new concept being introduced by our Children’s Ministry Director, Trephina Bedell.


What is Grace Space?

Our Grace Space has child sized tables and chairs where children can sit during Worship. Here they can work on crafts, and explore Bible based activities during church. The children & their parents are able to participate in worship without being pushed to the back of the church or a “cry room”.


What if the Children are Noisy & Distracting to Others?

If children are in an inviting environment with gentle supervision, they will likely behave well. They will even enjoy their time in church. We encourage parents to sit up front near the children so they can see that they are nearby. During the summer months, we will not have a volunteer to staff Grace Space for each service. But if no volunteer is present, that’s still not a problem…we ask parents to sit with their children in that case.


When Can Children Use Grace Space?

Grace Space can be used during all worship services.


Where Did the Idea for Grace Space Come From?

We looked around at what other churches were doing to encourage children & families to attend worship services and this idea seemed perfect. For example, one church in Minnesota introduced a similar concept in 2015 and they say the noise level in church actually decreased once children were used to it.

Grace Space

Written by Julie Kukreja

Wiggly, squirmy, funny face.
Cuddly, clingy, all over the place.
No worries, it’s Grace Space.
A place for Family Worship.