Worship Check-In

Church Center App

We are working on making the check-in process smoother and limit logjams at the iPads, especially for the Christmas services. Planning Center has an app called, “Church Center” that allows people to check-in from their own device wherever they are. Worship services will appear day of to check-in whether you are worshipping in person or worshipping online. Below are the steps to download the app and there is also a video of how to do each step.

1. Go to your App Store and download, “Church Center”
Once you open up your App Store type in “Church Center” and it should be the first app that you see in the store. The logo is a teal church on a white background. Simply download the app and you will be ready to go in just a few short minutes.

2. Find Immanuel’s Logo and set as Church
When you open the app, it will ask you if you would like to use location service on your device, if you do…it will find the churches closest to your geographical location. If you don’t use the location service, type, “Immanuel Lutheran Church.” Either way, you will see the church name and logo and select that as your church.

3. Type in Phone #
Type in your cell phone number to receive a code that will verify you are a person.

4. Type in Verification Code and Log In
You will receive a verification code after you type in your cell phone number. It will prompt you to type in the code. It will ask you to log in with your name if you are in the church’s records. If not, you will have to type in your name and email.

5. Go to Bottom of Screen to “Check In”
Once you are logged in, at the bottom of your screen there will be a tab called, “Check In.” Click on that and you will be ready for the next step.

6. Select Service and Check In Names
If there are multiple services for a given day select the service you are going to attend, if there is only one service it will automatically select that service. Once you are in the service you will see a list of your family members, click that who will be attending worship, and hit next. You will get confirmation that you are checked in for that worship service.

7. You’re all checked in
All done nothing else to do but enjoy worship!