IMG_2789An Update from our Team in Cambodia…

Today we opened our eye glass clinic named ‘Seeing More Clearly.” ¬†We arrived to set up just before 9 a.m. and were met by about 50 people waiting for our arrival. As our team got set up and organized, Pastor Samuel and I led a morning devotion with these adults. We sang a couple of familiar that we sang in worship yesterday. Pastor Samuel asked if I would share a devotion, so I chose to them the about the Resurrection account of Jesus on the Road to Emmaus, focusing on how the disciples eyes were opened as they recognized Jesus when he ate with them. Once again, Pastor Samuel interpreted for me.

After devotions, our team was ready and began to jump right into conducting their first eye glass clinic. Our team was organized, focused, and efficient. But most of all they were very caring to each person that came for glasses.

It was simply awesome to watch a person smile as they found the right pair. We gave out both reading and distance glasses, each person was given a one page handout explaining God’s plan of salvation that was written in English and Khmer. So the first thing they got to read when they could ‘See More Clearly’ was God’s Word about Jesus, in order that they would ‘See MORE Clearly’.

The following video shows the joy of one woman after receiving her glasses. While she waited to get tested, I noticed that she didn’t look up much and never really smiled. But her smile was beautiful as she put her glasses in for the first time.

Another picture that I have attached was taken by our missionary, Shary Frahm who also posted some remarkable comments on Facebook about what she observed about this woman after she received her glasses. Here is Shary’s post:
“This wonderful lady joined us today for a glass examination and the new glasses you see here.I took on to watch her for a couple of hours and she put forward reading the paper in hand, sharing and talking about it to a mini group around her. What’s on that paper ‘the gospel message’ ~ a disciple in action. Yeah??”.
All in all, we fitted nearly 100 people with glasses today. Once again, our team was exhausted after working nearly 6 hours, but also filled with great joy again.

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