rightnow mediaBy Kevin Kindelin

Free stuff is good, right?  Free stuff, no strings attached and I didn’t do anything wrong to get it free stuff is fantastic, right?   If you haven’t already done so, take advantage of Immanuel’s free offer of access to a virtually unlimited resource of Biblical knowledge.   The good news is this: there are strings attached.  Just take advantage of this offer.   Use it to learn. Use it to grow in faith and ultimately share that faith with others.  Immanuel has subscribed to RightNow Media, a vast online video library of Bible study resources that can be accessed from any device.  Anyone affiliated with Immanuel can tap in to this wealth of Biblical knowledge designed to help us develop and strengthen our faith.

On Easter Sunday, Immanuel members should have received an invitation to create an account with RightNow Media free of charge!  This is a tool for everyone. Pastors, church leaders, parents, students, kids, young adults, married couples, and singles can all be enriched and equipped with the knowledge and confidence to share our faith.

When I went to create my account, I was told I was just a few clicks away from gaining access to a huge library of discipleship content.  Then that preceding “d” word jumped out at me-discipleship.  I told you there were strings attached.  We must take this knowledge we can gain, literally at our fingertips…anytime, anywhere, and share it.   Let’s say you strike up a conversation with someone out in the community (anytime, anywhere) and you happen to be discussing a faith based point of view with someone who is skeptical, or even a non-believer.   You can click on a video and actually show that person where you got your information. A little “snipette” of a video on your phone in the grocery store or break room at work seems like an awesome way to bolster any conversation and point of view.

It’s hard to strike up a conversation about Jesus with a stranger, or even a colleague or friend, if we don’t think we know what we’re talking about.  Believe me, I know the feeling.  I’ve learned that knowing what the Bible actually means isn’t always as easy as just reading it, no small task in and of itself. Go and see if you can make a quick read of Leviticus.  Whether you’re a novice or an expert, it’s your-it’s our- responsibility to spread His word.  In Matthew 28:19, Jesus tells us to go out and make disciples of all nations.

If you didn’t get an Easter invitation, we apologize but please either provide your email address to PastorWarren@ilcp.org and he’ll send you a link.

Free stuff is great, but it’s oh so much better when you share it with others.  Be that light that brings someone to Christ.  I know it’s not easy to start the conversation.  I’ve missed many opportunities to share my faith when I lacked the confidence to talk about it.  It’s still not something that comes easily to me, but I’ve found that as I continue to learn, the more natural it becomes.  With a resource like RightNow, the learning part just became a lot more convenient.    As of this writing, about 35 people from Immanuel have gained free access to a whole lot of “strings attached” Biblical knowledge.  Heed the call.  Sign up for RightNow Media and continue your journey.  Jesus didn’t ask us to share our faith; He commanded us.