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About Our Ministry

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What is the Purpose of the A/V Ministry?


Members of the A/V Ministry are responsible for providing audio and video support for our worship services and special events. This includes operation of the audio mixer, video mixer, media projection and camera control. In addition to these aspects, all of our worship services are live-streamed on our dedicated live-stream ASL channel for the deaf community. Post service, all of our recordings are edited and posted on our website, Media Blog and our dedicated IOS and Android mobile apps.

What are the Key Responsibilities of the A/V Ministry?
  • The seamless and transparent support of our worship and special service productions
  • Selection and placement of the microphones at every service
  • Audio Mixer Board operation for control of the in-house sound
  • Audio Mixer Board operation via a remote iPAD for the audio for our recorded and live-streamed sound
  • Video camera and video mixer operation, using three cameras.
  • Projector and Projection Computer operation
  • Live Streaming to our Dedicated U-Stream channel and recording
  • ASL Deaf Ministry Stream and recording
  • Lighting control
Why does your Ministry Matter?


The A/V ministry plays a key role in producing our worship services, thereby enabling the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of our members and people throughout the world. Worship is a fragile thing that is easily damaged. So we strive to support our worship as transparently as possible, to make the technology just seem to happen, without being noticed.

We also make our worship services available via live stream, sharing the saving message of our Savior to members who could not worship with us, as well as people throughout the world. Our dedicated ASL live-stream serves the Deaf Community in a unique way that combines the interpreter’s ASL signing within the full context of our worship service. Taken in total, we really do make a difference that matters!


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What Kinds of Assistance or Help is Available Through the A/V Ministry?

The A/V ministry can be called upon to support the audio and/or video needs for any church-related production, live streaming, or recording need. A/V resources also extend into our dedicated on-premises recording studio for the creation of professional informational or promotional recordings that can be utilized in many ways, including our website.

How Do I Make Contact With The A/V Ministry?

Just click on the “Get Help!” in the upper-left box above! Doing so will take you to a form that allows you to contact us. We thank you for reaching out to us and our ministry and look for your interest.

I Have a Quick Question - How Do I Ask It?

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Serving in the A/V Ministry

Why Do You Love Your A/V Ministry? What Difference Does it Make? Why Does It Matter?



We love serving in the A/V Ministry because it ties together our love of technical things, with our desire to serve our God. The audio and video produced through our serving makes a difference in the lives of those in attendance, those who are watching from home and people all across the world, that we don’t even know. Come up and visit us in the balcony during a service, it’s really pretty amazing.

What Kind of Volunteers are Especially Needed Right Now?


We are very interested having more people join our ministry!  Please take a couple of minutes to watch our video in the upper-left corner of this page.As you can see from it, there are a variety of important and significant places (positions) to serve God within our ministry. If you happen have technical experience or knowledge, that’s great. But if not, that’s fine too, we’d love to teach you and allow you grow into a position (or two) at your own pace. Our serving times are both scheduled and flexible. Give us a call!


How Often Does the A/V Ministry Team Serve?


Serving within the A/V ministry is scheduled in advance, so that you can accommodate your other plans and needs. Serving can be as much or as little as you want. A scheduled service slot is just a single worship service. Your role at any scheduled service, be it audio, video or projection, is pre-assigned as well. If something suddenly comes up, we trade-off with each other ahead of time to keep worship seamless.

What are the Time Requirements?

The serving time is only a single worship service. We are asked to arrive 15 to 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time to become familiar with the service and make preparations.

Is There a Job Description?


Not at this time.


Will you Provide Training?


Absolutely. We would love to show you around the audio, video and projection serving opportunities and let you determine where you would like to serve. You can stand side-by-side with an experienced operator during a live worship service, who would be happy to tell you about all he/she is doing and why. Nothing beats learning, and becoming comfortable, in this way. Want to dig deeper and learn all the technical details, no problem… we would welcome that!


Are There Any Special Requirements to Serve in this Ministry?


There is a minimum age requirement of being in sixth grade.

How Can I Explore and Check Out Your Ministry to See if it is for Me (with no strings attached)?



No problem at all… just click on the “Serve!” button above, let us know your contact information and preferences and we’ll get in touch with you right away. You will be welcomed. You are cordially invited to come and check us out, ask lots of questions and see if God is calling you to serve with us. No worries if you decide that we are not for you. We understand. There are lots of ministry opportunities at Immanuel. On the other hand, we would not be surprised if you really enjoy doing what we do!



This is my testimonial text of why this ministry totally rocks.  This is my testimonial text of why this ministry totally rocks.  This is my testimonial text of why this ministry totally rocks.  This is my testimonial text of why this ministry totally rocks.

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