The Spring 2017 New Member class kicked off last night.  Pastor Warren said, “We had a fabulous Kick Off session for our Spring New Member Class.  While our Kick Off provides an explanation of our basic class structure, we simply enjoyed getting to know one another and discovering how God has led us on our journey with Him.”
New member class sessions run twice a year, with class sessions beginning in September and March. Pastor Warren adds,  “Since our next class is still a couple of weeks away, it’s a perfect time to jump into the class, and we can get you up to speed very quickly.  We realize that people have many things on their plates, so that’s where our online course really allows participants to work through the material when it’s convenient for them.   Even if you are unsure if you want to become a member, or if you are already a long time member, the New Member Class provides a great refresher for our foundational Lutheran teachings and a good overview of all that is happening at Immanuel, along with a great opportunity to meet others.”If you would like to join the New Member class, please contact Pastor Warren.  The next class session will be held on Tuesday, March 21.  If have any questions regarding the New Member Classes, please feel free to contact Pastor Warren or Jan Pemoller, membership secretary in the church office, 847-359-1549.