fragile-stoneImmanuel is offering a new Bible class, A Fragile Stone – Peter : Jesus’s Friend, beginning this Sunday, November 13 at 9:15 a.m. in the Clausen Room.  We hope you can join in!  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Warren

A description of this class follows…


As much as we enjoy our relationship with Jesus Christ, imagine what it would have been like to take that a step further and be His friend when He was here on earth! The apostle Peter had that special opportunity.


Michael Card traveled to Israel to walk us through the friendship between our Savior and the man Jesus renamed The Rock.


In a special video presentation based on the RBC Ministries television program Day of Discovery, you’ll travel with Michael as he visits the places where Jesus and Peter interacted. You’ll listen as Card reveals the intricacies of their friendship. And then you’ll have the opportunity to discuss what you observed in order to make the teaching of Michael’s lessons applicable to your own life.


Travel with Michael Card as he explores the friendship of Jesus and Peter in eight lessons that touch on such subjects as:
• “Getting to Know Peter”
• “Dinner with Jesus”
• “Crisis in the Garden”
• “Final Lessons for Peter”


Enjoy the beauty of Israel, the insights of Michael Card, and a chance to investigate the unique friendship enjoyed by Jesus and Peter.