By: Shary Frahm

By now most of us realize that missions beyond our walls come in different flavors and seasons. That is good because the variety tends to capture the hearts of those we may miss along the way.

What happens though when it is a friend, or you yourself, that need a ‘mission’ moment or two in the crazy world of serving, especially when it’s two women who have served together half a world away? By the way, it’s ok to get weary in service, but it’s when you reach that point and realize you need to “check out” for a bit, it’s time to do so.

That’s where I was with a friend who had come to visit. We had dug deep into the Cambodian platform and were exhausted. She was to leave for home in a few days too. She needed to get out and walk, and maybe I did too. So we did something neither of us does much anymore here in the U.S. — probably as a result of dealing with such on a local daily basis in the market overseas. The novelty of shopping just wasn’t there. But we still went.

nativity coloringWe needed to find jars for a project. We got those and went searching. Operation Christmas Child was out there as well. Our feet got in motion, and our minds and God sorted out the ruffles.

That basically is how we found the nativity scenes, 24 to a package, with crayons to add to them, 3 to a package. Just walking thru the store with nothing in mind and stumbling across each on its own. Easy-peasy.

We just started to ribbon each set as she was about to leave. No problem. They traveled around for a while and many helping hands accomplished this end task in short form. How wonderful, in simple form, to share about the babe Jesus, to someone who perhaps doesn’t know Him yet!

It was indeed time to let a God be God and as usual He sorted it out while we moved around and closed up shop on conversations we had started. We were better.