IMG_2985We completed our days in the mission field in the Village of Snor on Thursday. We began the day being met by extreme heat. Our first stop was to conduct our eye glass clinic in the Village of Svia, (pronounced Sav eye). We were told to expect 300 people. Given that we were only going to spend the morning there, our team was a bit anxious. Nothing like team prayer on the way to calm our hearts. As it turned out, only 69 people came to the clinic, which was just the right amount of people for our team to handle in 2.5 hours. God is good.

From Svia, we headed to Snor (San-ow), to conduct another VBS session and some adult bible education time.  We performed the ever popular Lost Sheep skit, but because of the heat, there was no parade. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with the children, and they seemed to enjoy the crafts, games, coloring pages, and ESL bingo game.

On this afternoon, we had some adults in attendance too, and Pastor Samuel and I taught on the importance of passing along our faith to our children, and giving them every opportunity to learn more about Jesus.

As things began to wrap up, the Chief of the village gave a speech thanking us for coming and showing them the love of God.  It was very nice to hear such wonderful things from the leader of this community. After he concluded his closing remarks, an older woman stood up and said that if we send another team to their village that she is committed to bring the WHOLE village to come and spend time with us. She too was very pleased with our sharing and interaction.

We gave our thanks for their kindness and hospitality, and that the people of this village have a special place in our hearts.

Our entire team understands that this mission trip was only made possible by our great God and all of God’s people who have supported us in so many ways. We are very grateful for this opportunity.  Indeed this was a Mission HimPossible!!!

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