Operation Christmas Child Item Collection in Progress!

You may know that we’re collecting for Operation Christmas Child (OCC) 2018 Shoeboxes. This gives us extra time to choose special items for the shoeboxes carefully. An OCC shoebox might be the only gift a child ever receives. Is it really important to get certain items in a certain month? Yes and no. Sometimes buying at certain times yields great savings. However, Immanuel gratefully accept all allowable items all year.

accessoriesThe February OCC item of the month is accessories – like watches, hair bows, pony tail holders, sunglasses, and jewelry! Accessories are fun little items that don’t take up much space in the shoeboxes. To save money, look for accessories that are available in multipacks or on sale. And speaking of “on sale,” it’s a great time of year to find clearance sales on hats, gloves, and scarves. We could really use those as well for the OCC 2018 Shoeboxes. Remember that even though many countries have temperatures that may seem hot to us, they still experience weather that is cold to them – especially at night – and children can use these items to keep warm!

Simply drop off your donations in the bin just outside of Fellowship Hall by the children’s ministries bulletin board. If you have any questions, please contact Trephina Bedell, tbedell@ilcp.org or 847-359-1549. More on information Operation Christmas Child can be found at Immanuelpalatine.org/operation-christmas-child.