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More About Our LERT Ministry:

Thank you for your interest in our “LERT” (Lutheran Emergency Response Team) Ministry!

Please use this form to:
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Simply complete this form and press the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. If you would prefer to directly contact the LERT Team Leaders, you are cordially invited to do so, using the following contact information.

Prince of Peace - Palatine - Contact Person:
- Name: Jim Beckley
- Email:  jimkarenbeckley@gmail.com

- Phone Number:  (847) 224-1926 

Immanuel Lutheran - Palatine - Contact Person:
- Name: Steve MacKay
- Email:  stephenfmackay@gmail.com
- Phone Number:  (847) 980-9963  

Getting Help!
The Palatine LERT Ministry is powered by a partnership between Prince of Peace and Immanuel Lutheran churches, both located in Palatine IL.  The LERT ministry provides disaster clean-up services to individuals who have been adversely affected by storms, floods and other adverse events. It also offers assistance to individuals who are struggling with day-to-day household maintenance tasks (and similar challenges) and have nowhere else to turn.  All services are provided at no charge. God’s Word in Mathew 25 is our guiding compass!

Serving Opportunities Abound!
Please note that the LERT Ministry offers a variety of ways to serve… including a wide-range of non-physical serving opportunities. We need your talents! Time requirements are highly flexible, and we welcome individuals with all levels of availability. Thank your for your for prayerful consideration!


Completing Your Inquiry

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  Immanuel Lutheran       immanuel@ilcp.org