February 2017 KIT flash

The K.I.T. (Keep In Touch) ministry is designed to reach young adults, mostly away from home, by mailing them care packages.  The next KI.T. packing day is Saturday, February 4, at 9:00 a.m. in Fellowship Hall.  Please join us!  Volunteers pack up care packages using items donated by members and friends of Immanuel.  Volunteers simply fill the boxes with what has been donated, tape them shut and put them on a table outside the church where our members pick them up after church service and mail them.

Can’t volunteer? Would you consider donating items for the care packages? We estimate that we will be putting together approximately 50-70 care packages for those attending college or in the military. All items must be in individual packaging and a list of suggested items follows. Donations can be placed at the KIT table in Fellowship Hall.  Monetary donations are helpful as well.  Simply mark your offering “KIT” and place in in the collection plate this weekend or donate online by entering KIT in the “church - other” line of the online giving form. If you have any questions, please contact Deaconess Suzanne. Thank you!

KIT Donations can consist of any of the following:

• microwave popcorn
• gum
• cookies
• devotional materials
• stickers
• markers
• post it notes
• bookmarks
• pencils/pens
• sugar free throat lozenges
• stress/therapy balls
• hot cocoa packages
• dried fruit
• Band-Aids
• granola bars
• candy
• Sunny D’s
• Rice Crispy Treats
• Twizzlers
• Slim Jims • Cheez Its
• Tic Tacs
• Tootsie Pops
• Cereal
• Tea, coffee, or lemonade packets
• Pretzels