UPDATE: Collection date has been extended through September 30!

Dear Friends,

Hurricane Laura made landfall and left a wake of devastation, particularly to our neighbors in Louisiana. While it may seem like the bad news of 2020 is unrelenting, it is in times like these when we must come together as friends and neighbors- in the true American spirit, to lend aid in any way that we can. URLACHERehab, with help from our friends at Immanuel Lutheran Church and School-Palatine and Lind Dental Care, is proud to answer the call with a donation drive.

In partnership with our friends at Custom Trucking Chicago, supplies will be collected and delivered to the hardest hit areas of Louisiana. If you are able to give- please drop off donations (preferably from the list of essential items) to our drop off location by September 30.

We thank you in advance for your kind donations, and we look forward to continuing our goals to give back to communities in need. After all- we are one world, one community, one family.

Essential Donation Items:

Bottled Water
Canned Food
Laundry Soap
Clothes (Any size)

Drop off donations in the Boy Scout trailers parked in Immanuel’s main parking lot near door # 2. Thank you for any donations you bring. You are acting as the Lord’s hands and feet to serve His children.