George and Shary Frahm, our missionaries to Cambodia, need your help! For an exciting one time opportunity to show grace to a village that cannot do it themselves, go to “How Firm a Foundation ” project on

The Frahms and their partners in Cambodia are in the midst of a 45-day long crowd-funding project. They are working with a local church in Snor that plans to build a simple sanctuary. But they need our help with funding. In George and Shary’s words…

Currently worship services are being held under an overhang of the local school, but we’ve had to climb over a fence almost every Sunday because the gates remain closed. The rainy season badly damaged the church site last year, and we are trying to prevent further damage this year. The local people in this village live on less than $2 a day, making repair from their own resources extremely difficult. We avoid making promises of salaries and ongoing support, because we know that they can grow into dependencies, but we do work on projects which are short term with definite ends. Many times too, we are called upon merely to encourage the local people in their faith, or to teach the catechism. Talking about the 500th anniversary of the reformation, Luther’s three solae, and what it means to be a Christian are extremely important to these people. Next deployment, we hope to talk more about the church calendar and what Advent and Lent really mean. In short, we are busy. God has been good to us, allowing us to witness 45 baptisms in the few months we have been here this time. We appreciate your support of us and our projects.

George and Shary humbly ask everyone to please pray how we each could be involved in small and mighty ways to stand with this crucial ministry in Cambodia at this time. The Frahms thank you so very much for praying with them in mighty ways and telling everyone how God is working in this tiny country half way around the world.

To find out more about this project, or to pledge your support, visit “How Firm a Foundation ” project on If the full amount of the project is not reached by June 30th, supporters will not be charged.