Fill The Chancel Food Drive

Conducted every November by Immanuel Lutheran Church & School– Palatine

November 2020

How blessed we are by the abundance we have been given by Christ! Let’s share those blessing with those who are in need. Please bring in items from the list below before Thanksgiving services. Let’s fill up our Chancel! All items will go to Immanuel’s church pantry, helping those in need through the holidays and year-round.

What Can I Donate?

chunky peanut butter
flour (small bag)
sugar (small bag)
granola bars
canned fruit
pancake mix
black beans
refried beans
tomato paste

spaghetti sauce
Spaghetti O’s
instant mashed potatoes (small bags)
canned chicken
canned tuna
paper towels
toilet paper
laundry detergent
dish detergent

Help Us Take the Food to the Pantry on Thanksgiving Day!

Plan to stick around after the Thanksgiving Day worship service and help us move it in assembly line fashion to the food pantry in the south parking lot! It’s a lot of fun and goes very quickly!


Let’s Fill These Shelves!


What is the Chancel?

Chancel: One of two main divisions of the worship space. It is the part of the building where the altar is located, that is, on its actual or so-called liturgical east end. In most church buildings the chancel is one or two steps higher than the nave.

Nave: The large, central area of the church building where the congregation (people) gathers for the service. In traditional churches the nave contains two or more rows of pews (benches) from front to back. Many churches of more modern architectural style have chairs that can be arranged or moved depending on what kind of service is held. To the east of the nave is the chancel and to the west is the narthex.

Narthex: The entryway leading from the outside of the church into the nave. The narthex is located at the liturgical west end of the building.