Extreme Makeover to Elderly Widow’s Home

We have discovered that an elderly widow, a member of our church, has significant home repair needs. Essentially, the main floor of her small ranch home in Palatine is collapsing, and will require not only floor repair, but foundation repair and possible mold removal. We are working with a local contractor (an Immanuel member) to make these repairs. However, there are other needs as well: all walls to be spackled & repainted, all carpeting removed / replaced, and possibly the removal/replacement of a linoleum kitchen floor, and some kitchen cabinetry. This work will displace the family for a period of time but they will be able to live with relatives while the work is being done.

We believe that this project is a great opportunity to help a local widow. If anyone is interested volunteering to help in any way, please contact Deaconess Suzanne. A project manager for this project is very much needed!

Stage 1 - Completed

Pack up belongings

Stage 2 - Completed

Order storage Pod and Dumpster

Stage 3 - Completed

Move boxes to storage Pod, and dispose of any broken furniture into dumpster.

Stage 4:

Aug 8, 9, 10, 11: all day

Need Volunteers:

  • Tear up and remove carpeting
  • Scrape Walls
  • Tear out cabinets
  • Trim bushes outside
  • Take out laundry pole in yard
  • Tear up linoleum kitchen floor
  • Wash walls and ceiling
  • Check fireplace (not been used in 50 years)
  • Pull out stove and fridge for new floor
  • Move washing machine to garage
  • Check for mold / fumigate - Contractor

Stage 5

Begins August 9

Contractor & Volunteers

  • Construction team begins work on foundation and floor
  • Priming and Painting
  • Replace kitchen floor
  • Wash and polish hardwood floors

More details will be shared as we become aware of them. If you are able to help, please contact Deaconess Suzanne. Thank you!

Work in Progress


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Extreme Makeover to Elderly Widow’s Home: Progress Update

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