Sunday, June 21 from Noon to 2:00 p.m.

Bring dad! Drive-thru Communion will be offered to all and dads will get a special sweet treat!


Guidelines for Drive-In Communion


    Enter the North parking lot at the Wood Street entrance.
    Attendants will direct you to proceed for communion.
    Feel free to roll down your windows.
    No mask necessary while you are in your vehicle.
    Please remain in your vehicle at all times.

Communion & Exiting:

    To receive Communion drivers will be directed to proceed to the northern most part of the North Parking lot (by Door #2) to form two lines to receive Communion by the pastors.
    As you approach the pastors, please tell the Communion assistant the number of people in your car that will receive Communion.
    The pastors will be wearing a face mask during Communion.
    The Communion elements will be individually wrapped and contained.
    The wafer will be in a small sealable plastic bag.
    The wine will be contained in a small capped cup.
    The pastors will deliver a tray containing the Communion elements to the driver.
    The driver will pass out the Communion elements to the passengers.
    Pastor will speak the Words of our Lord to you as you partake.
    If you have any prayer requests, please share them with pastor. He will be glad to pray with you!
    Exit through the northern most Bothwell Street exit.
    Go in peace and serve the Lord!

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