I am pleased to share some good news about Vicar Bill Harder, and his progress in the Specific Ministry Program (SMP). Vicar Bill has completed his two year vicarage (internship) with Immanuel, and has satisfied all Seminary requirements that position him to become ordained in 2020. Congratulations Vicar Bill!!

Even more exciting news is that Vicar Bill has secured and begun part time work as a Vacancy Vicar at Trinity Lutheran Church, Genoa, IL. This position has been approved and blessed by our District President, Rev. Dr. Allan Buss. Trinity Lutheran Church is in the process of searching for a new sole senior pastor. This open ended opportunity allows both Vicar Bill and Trinity Lutheran Church the chance to walk together and get to know one another, and see what God develops for each of them in the future.

Vicar Bill will also continue his part-time work as a bus driver, and will also continue in his studies for the next two years, in order to fully complete the SMP requirements. He will be very busy with all of these duties, and so we will see less of him around Immanuel. Vicar Bill intends to keep supporting, as time allows, his weekly worship outpost ministry at Rosewood Care Center, which has grown to average attendance of 15-20 attendees per week.

Please join me in congratulating Vicar Bill, and continue to hold Vicar Bill and his wife, Marilyn in your prayers as they continue to move along in this journey that God is leading and providing for them.
As Vicar Bill approaches ordination in 2020, we will share those details as they develop.

In Christ,
Pastor Warren