On the weekend of September 7th and 8th, we will begin the Sermon and Small Group series of JJHM. The preaching series will be a seven-week series on a variety of topics based on Scripture and Rev. Finke’s book. The Small Group Series is a ten session series that also comes with a video curriculum where Greg Finke leads the discussion with a 5-10 minute video for each session. Our goal is to engage our entire Immanuel community, both Church and School, to participate in this series so that our entire Immanuel family can activate their faith and truly live the Legacy of their Faith by Joining Jesus on His Mission. You’ll hear more details at our Backpack, Blessing & Barbecue at the Bandshell on August 18.

The next weekend hear Rev. Finke live and in person, as our guest preacher at all services on August 24 & 25.