An Update From Pastor Warren…

Tuesday brought about 64 more people to our ‘See More Clearly’ eye glass clinic. At first we only had a few women waiting as we drove into the lot, but as the morning went on, more and more groups of people came. One man and his wife came from 15 miles away to receive glasses. Word of our clinic seems to have spread. As groups came throughout the morning, Pastor Samuel and I would great each group with a devotion time of song and bible teaching.  Pastor Samuel also had us hand out some NT bibles, written in the Khmer language that he had left over. Many people who came needed glasses for distance which validated our team bringing distance glasses. Our team worked diligently through a very hot and humid day. We were definitely thankful for shade and the occasional breeze.  We also had many people come who had excellent vision, but didn’t seem satisfied with merely receiving sun glasses. A couple of people were a bit persistent in wanting some kind of clear glasses.  Perhaps we have temporarily created a culture in the village where people feel they need to have glasses in order to be like everyone else who has the latest eye wear. ?
The highlight of the day for our group was when Pastor Samuel walked us through the village for a ‘pray walk’. This gave us opportunity to personally meet, talk, and pray with more people. We were graciously welcomed into many homes, and met many people along the way. It was a great opportunity to learn more about their culture and day to day living. Just like in our neighborhoods, there was a variety of styles for houses. All of the house were raised up on wood or cement posts. We learned that the higher your house was raised equated to the resident having more money / resources.  The people of the village were all very kind and hospitable and welcome a time of prayer with them. The prayer time was powerful for our team, and appreciated by these humble people. As we continued to walked we were followed by many children who simply wanted to hold our hand, hug us, or simply say ‘hello!’ with a vigorous wave and enormous smile.  What a beautiful way to complete a day!

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