Cambodia 2017Immanuel’s Cambodia Mission Team: Pastor Donald Antor, Steve and Marilyn Kosmella, Andrea Onuskanich, Julie and Andy Radetski.

The Cambodia mission week began with worship services in 3 villages. The theme for the week was Easter, and Pastor Donald preached, aided by an interpreter, telling the good news of forgiveness and God’s love and the hope we have. The team did 2 skits depicting Palm Sunday and the empty tomb on Easter Sunday. In each village we were awed by the enthusiastic and beautiful singing as we sang together in 2 languages. The joyful village Christians were welcoming and attentive and thanked us for coming.

We went to a different village each day, Monday - Friday, and held an eyeglass clinic while some of the team engaged the children and adults in arts and crafts, singing, games, English instruction, and Bible lessons with an emphasis on God’s love and Easter. 60 to 100 people attended each clinic, some from miles away, and we gave out over 500 eyeglasses and 300+ sunglasses. Cambodia 2017Each client was prayed over at the final station and sent with a blessing and a written “plan of salvation” sheet to share. Each day began with a worship service, and the team acted out “doubting Thomas”. Pastor Donald preached on faith in Jesus and God’s grace as the way to salvation. This is especially important since it’s contrary to what Buddhism teaches.

In one village, Pastor Donald and Pastor Samuel baptized 12 people. We also had an evening church service in the home of a friend of Pastor Samuel. One young man said he understood the Easter message more clearly after watching it portrayed in the skit.

Again, we left Cambodia feeling humbled by the privilege of serving the wonderful Cambodian people, being welcomed into their living space, and the gratitude they expressed. Cambodia 2017Seeing the many smiles on their faces as they were able to see through their first pair of glasses was a rich reward as well as hearing the children sing “Jesus Loves Me” in English after much instruction. We came to share the love of Christ and were blessed by much love and appreciation in return.

Please continue to pray for faithful servants George and Shary Frahm, Pastor Samuel and family, and the Cambodian people, that many would accept Jesus as their Savior. Thank you to all who helped to support the mission.