Pastor Warren sent in this update on Saturday…

Today was mostly a travel day. We traveled six hours in a van packed with people, suit cases, and many supply boxes under and around us. We passed the time by putting the finishing touches on book marks, singing songs and practicing skits for our worship tomorrow at Pastor Samuel’s church in a village called Snoa, near the big city of Siem Reap.
Along the way, we stopped off at our guide, Sa Paul’s home to meet his family. We met Sa Paul’s mother, who didn’t speak any English. She welcomed us warmly with smiles. You could tell that she was very happy to see her son again. Sa Paul’s childhood home is very much like  great deal of the homes out in the country. As seen in the picture, their home is raised up about 6 feet off the ground to prevent any damage during the rainy season. His home is located steps away from a large river. As you can see, the water level is very low these days, as a neighbor still gets down to the water to clean clothes. No electricity. No running water. Nothing more than a house on stilts. But yet, Sa Paul was happy and proud to show us his home, and we were grateful to be welcomed. We shared a prayer for his mother and family before leaving.

Our trip was highlighted a couple more hours down the road. We stopped off to see Sa Paul’s brother, named Brother Roth. He too is a Christian. He and his wife, Sister Saranthia, run an orphanage for nearly 30 children, as well as their own children. It was immediately evident upon our arrival that the children are thriving in this Christian home environment, as many greeted us with big smiles. Brother Roth and his wife are special people who fully understand God’s calling to care for these children, by being a living Christ-like example to them. God is indeed blessing this couple with tremendous gifts of love that the children call them momma and daddy. Yet they face many challenges by the government who seeks to impose stricter guidelines to follow. Our connection with these folks and the children was pretty immediate. The children grabbed a piece of our hearts as we all sang the fun song called ‘Father  Abraham’. You may have seen the video posted earlier on Facebook.
Tomorrow we lead worship at Pastor Samuel’s church. Please pray for us to bring the joy of the Lord to all who attend. We are very excited to begin our work among the people of Siem Reap.  Thanks for your prayers.IMG_2707