Good Evening Brothers, Sisters, and Friends in Christ!

We are taking a special effort this evening to inform you of where we are with the We Raise project, “How Firm a Foundation,” to stabilize the soil of the future church building site of Snor, Cambodia. This is an effort to repair the erosion damage from the last rainy season before the next one comes in a couple of months. Snor is a small impoverished little community where the income is about $600 a family per year, but with a heart to hear the good news of Jesus Christ as their savior.

We are at 76% of our goal of $9650 and have less than $2400 to go before the project closes on June 30. We could use your help! If you have not given yet, pray how God would have you involved with this project and then go to  Minimum donation is just one dollar, but larger donations are also accepted. If you have already given, share the web site with others so that they may join us in unity of the church.

George and Shary Frahm