Pastor Donald and three adult volunteers will lead a mission trip next week.

This Sunday nine people will leave Immanuel and head to Lutheran Island Camp in Henning, Minnesota. (The first Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center in the nation is in Henning.) Our volunteers will take part in the Christ Serve Ranch Servant event. There will be all sorts of work projects, including:

  • Helping build trails, observation decks and shelters
  • Developing scientific experiments
  • Removing brush and trees
  • Building corrals and docks.

There are five teens and four adult leaders going on the trip. They will come back from Lutheran Island Camp on Friday, July 21. Please pray for them!

The trip excites Pastor Donald because of the value of mission trips in the lives of the youth who attend. He continues to have youth summer mission trips each summer when there is no National Youth Gathering. (The National Youth Gathering takes place every 3rd summer.) His 2018 goal is to bring a team to Trinity Lutheran Church in the Bronx to help with their Vacation Bible School program.

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