frahmSo few Christians, but it still remains an open door. That is Cambodia today, where maybe only 3% confess Christ. That gives each one of us an open door to proclaim the Good News in word and deed here and now, while the door is still ajar.

The Lutheran church in Cambodia is a fragile, small, but growing group of believers who have set the course to grow their community being fully engaged in our Savior’s outreach of love. That being recognized, this year came a synod wide, repeatedly spoken, desire to establish Sunday Schools to embrace each local community and expand the exposure of Christ into more of the community, using
resources and energetic initiatives not previously used to give witness to Christ.

Can you help us the church asked? We have no materials with which to start this vital outreach and do
not know where to begin.

This is where you, Immanuel Palatine, have come, wonderfully rolling into the spotlight. Thru your
generous sharing of recently used materials and resources for Sunday School, this new ministry is able
to now begin. Early February by way of another GLO partner who came to visit, these materials made
it to their final destination. The eyes have been looking inside those books which are now housed in our
office and local church leaders have been reading a bit of what is possible and plans are being made. In
the not too distant future there will begin a translation of these said materials into Khmer so that even
those with no English background will have the opportunity to use them. This will be a platform for
Sunday School for all ages. Remember, most of these folk do not know Jesus yet. They may have heard
about Him, but to capture that personal relationship with Him is in many cases still coming.

Cambodia is still an open door as this is written. Yet just last week I read a very long article about
changes coming from the big neighbor to the north (their government) and with that a tightening cord
that will undoubtedly influence the Christian community there and here I’m afraid. Yesterday I was told
that when the King died in 2013 his mandate was that this country be friends with this giant of the
north and follow their lead. Unfortunately they already are, so who are we to say how long these doors
will remain ajar.

And so Immanuel, your timing was perfect to send the very well-received Sunday School teaching
materials. Yup, I know that God was in all those details between here and there (and that alone can
boggle my mind at times), but we share a heartfelt thank you for your generosity of love and resources
to this new church across the big pond. Thank you.

And also, thank you for sharing Pastor Warren, Steve and Marilyn Kosmella, and Andy and Julia
Radetski with us to personally see what God is doing thru his people here in Cambodia. We will take
our best care of them while they are here. We will assuredly send them back to you with changed hearts
and minds to these gentle people.

Blessings and Love from the both of us and the Cambodian Church,
Shary (and George)

P.S. An additional thank you is in order for your most gracious partnership funds received into our
account. That is most timely for God’s ministry here in Cambodia. Hugs and love from across the pond
to each of you in this partnership and prayers.