Image Source:  Childcare Worldwide

Image Source: Childcare Worldwide

Come join the Ugandan Kids Choir on Wednesday, August 26th at 6:30 p.m. at Immanuel Lutheran Church and School. The Palatine community has the opportunity to hear 10 talented children from Uganda bring a message of hope as the children share the power of God’s love through their music and dance. These children delight audiences with their high energy performance and infectious joy.

Each child in the choir comes from a desperately poor background, but they have hope for the future because someone decided to sponsor them. Now these children are touring America for a year on a mission to help other children of like circumstances. They want other children in Uganda to have food, water, the opportunity to go to school, and to find joy in the Lord.

Childcare Worldwide started a small child sponsorship program in Uganda in 1986 in a remote area near Lake Victoria to support children who were AIDS orphans. It now includes 3 villages and over a thousand children. One of the primary ministries in Uganda is Survival Pak Program which exists for hungry families in need of basic food for survival. Another program is a medical ministry and clinic serving one of the children’s homes and a nearby fishing village.

Members of the Uganda Kids Choir are selected to travel to the United States to perform traditional songs and dances and act as ambassadors for children who are in need of sponsorship.


Reserve August 26th for a performance of a lifetime!