lock_in_funNerf guns, hammers, nails, balls and Bible time.   It was quite the night!

A father and son using a hammer, board, nails, and string to create a string art cross that they can display in their home.

A father and son using a hammer, board, nails, and string to create a string art cross that they can display in their home.

Picture this: dads and sons together enjoying non-electronic bonding time and learning more about each other and their Lord. “We had our first meeting last Monday as Troop IL0412…what better way to bring all the dads and boys together to get know each other than a lock-in designed for boys? Especially with activities that would help build memories, ” said Troopmaster Jonathon Bedell.

The evening started out with a Nerf gun target practice, a favorite that will surely return. Trailmen and parents then enjoyed a build-your-own sub dinner followed by Bible time. During Bible time, Troop Chaplain Richard Hartian lead the boys through a practical object lesson of finding the right tool for the job. What better tool than the Bible for our lives?

Off to the gym to run off some energy with a bit of ball fun followed by a parent/son craft using a hammer, board, nails, and string - a string art cross that families can display in their home.

Trail Life is open to anyone in the community who is looking for a safe Christian group to learn about camping, canoeing, orienteering, rock climbing, and personal growth development.

About Trail Life

Trail Life USA is a Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character and Leadership Program for boys and young men and Immanuel is honored to support and back a troop based right here in the heart of Palatine. Trail Life USA serves boys and young men from kindergarten through 25 years old from anywhere in the community.

Trail Life USA is a national organization that focuses on developing boys and young men, providing character building opportunities, outdoor adventures such as camping, hands on learning, and non-traditional sports such as archery, rock climbing, fishing. The men teach the young men, and the young men teach the boys. The focus is on the youth, learning responsibility, integrity, and growing through teaching and learning to see God’s hand in everything. He is the center, the Rock, of the Trail Life Program.

Immanuel Lutheran Church & School is located at 200 North Plum Grove Road (at Wood Street) in downtown Palatine, just two blocks east of the Palatine Metra Train Station.  For more information or to register for Trail Life, please contact Trephina Bedell at 847-359-1936.