IMG_2874By Kevin Kindelin

When I think of the little ones at Immanuel Lutheran Church and School, I’m reminded of the lyrics to an old song, “I believe the children are our future; teach them well and let them lead the way.” No notes ring truer in today’s climate of hustle and bustle with parents chauffeuring their kids around to a myriad of activities but never having time to take them to church or teach them about Jesus. We must teach our children, but how and what are we teaching them? Soccer, basketball, and music lessons are great, but if we’re not teaching them that their relationship with Jesus is their number one priority, then we’re doing them, and ourselves, a disservice.  Young minds are fertile soil and we must be wary of the seeds we’re planting. Adventure Bible Camp (formerly known as Vacation Bible School) provides an exciting, fun-filled way for children to learn about Jesus and develop their relationship with Him for five days during the summer when young minds tend to wander to different pursuits.

Picture1Adventure Bible Camp (ABC) will be from June 20th to the 24th, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon each day. The theme is Barnyard Roundup based on the idea that Jesus gathers us together as taught to us in Psalm 23. Jesus is our shepherd; in Him we trust and are secure. Each day, a different Bible “theme,” or take home point, will be covered. The common thread for each day is that Jesus is with us in varying ways “now and forever.” The children will learn about Jesus while having fun at the same time. There will be Bible-themed games and crafts and even healthy snacks that tie in to the Bible theme of the day.

Pastor Donald Antor, Immanuel’s Director of Youth Ministries said he’s very excited about his first ABC at Immanuel. “Those weeks are always full of joy and excitement. It’s great to see how happy the kids are and how much they enjoy coming. One of the joys in ministry is seeing kids excited and happy to learn about their Lord and Savior.” He will be taking the older grade school children to do some service projects in the community within walking distance of the church. These activities might include planting flowers at the church, helping at the annex, and taking a day or two to hand out water with Bible verses at the train station. He pointed out the direct correlation to our Stronger Together: Building a Community in Christ campaign, being a presence in our community and teaching our children that Jesus is our Lord and Savior and how to have a personal relationship with Him.

Trephina Bedell, Children’s Ministry Coordinator, emphasized the need for adult volunteers. We’re currently in need of a decorating team, a music and drama team, team members to help in the Homerooms each day, and extra “cheerleaders” to go around with the kids and get them excited about the theme of the day as they move from station to station.

For more information on how to sign your kids up for ABC or to volunteer, please contact Trephina Bedell at or Pastor Donald at  You can also call the church at 847-359-1549 or our school at 847-359-1936.

Our children are our future, at Immanuel and in society in general.  What we teach them today will determine how they live and act, “now and forever.”