mens bible studyBy Kevin Kindelin
Every Saturday morning that I’m able, I look forward to attending Men’s Bible Study at 8:00am. In fact, that and attending church have become my favorite things to do. After a full week of the secular bombardment from the outside world, it’s where I come to get reenergized and uplifted. There is also a class at 6:00 led by Bill Harder for those extra early risers. At this point, there are seven regulars who attend the 8:00 class, exceptions being made for health problems, work requirements, and other duties. As we filter in, discussions arise on a variety of topics. The last one to arrive is required to open with prayer. After that, we dive into the current subject. Herb Hetzel provides most of the direction regarding the subject matter, but we decide by consensus. We may study a particular book of the bible or view a DVD on the historical perspective of a time, character or place of the bible. No matter what the topic or format, there is always lively discussion.

mens Bible study quoteWe feel our study and the ensuing discussions bring us closer to God in many ways. By sharing opinions and ideas, we gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a Christian, which leads to a more confident ability to share that with others, whether it be within our church or out in the community. By participating in an active, dynamic pursuit of the understanding of scripture and Christianity, we benefit more than if we just attended church itself. Church service and the fellowship that goes with it are great, but enhancing that with our study enriches our experience beyond measure.

As individual, flawed characters, we each have our doubts, fears, concerns and own ideas on not only the topics we over, but the realities of everyday life. The friendships and trust that have developed allow us to share these experiences, thereby enhancing and enriching what we would have understood only by ourselves. We believe, and think I can speak for the group from what I have learned about them, it is our mission to share ourselves as Christians with others to show them they too can have what we have. That is, the love of Christ.

After our study concludes around 9:30, we extend our fellowship to breakfast at our favorite breakfast joint. I won’t tell you where because it’s hard enough to get a table on Saturday morning. The friendships I witness among this group simply touch my heart. That’s what God does for our gathering. Our lives are enriched by the Holy Spirit by gathering in His name. By the end of the week, my spiritual bag is tattered, torn, and just about empty. Men’s Bible study is where I begin to replenish, rejuvenate, and fulfill myself with the love of God.

Won’t you join us? We’d love for you to have what we have. As a new participant, there are no expectations of you but to come and listen. We generally take turns reading whatever material is at hand, whether it’s the Bible or some other material brought in by Herb. If you’re not comfortable reading, that’s fine; just listen. We want you to get as much out of the study as possible. If you’re the last one to arrive, we won’t even make you open with prayer…at first. If you like our study and continue to attend, be punctual. Then you won’t have to worry about an opening prayer! There is no formal registration or sign up. Just show up. We meet downstairs in the Discipleship Center.

If 8:00 a.m. is inconvenient, and you’re not a man, there are plenty of opportunities for study and fellowship within the various ministries at Immanuel. Just check the weekly announcements!