Play, Make, Learn! That is the idea behind Maker Night, to be held Tuesday, April 5.  Children, ages 3 through 14, will be exploring, tinkering, and playing as they move through a variety of different maker spaces throughout the school where they may participate in a variety of activities including creating with recycled materials, joining in a green-screen video, or using a CAD program. Opportunities to create circuits, structures, catapults, musical instruments, and designs will be provided, among other things. Activity areas will be designated as preschool, elementary, and advanced. This event is free and open to the community.

What is the “Maker Movement?”

The Maker Movement encourages people of all ages to explore fixing, improving, and creating. Through the maker process, learning is promoted through play and experimentation. Students are encouraged to think outside the box as they design, build, and invent. Some activities are guided –with a stated goal to achieve – while others permit students to explore freely. Through this process, children and adults learn to take risks, to celebrate ‘failures’ as opportunities, and to develop a growth mindset that motivates a joy of learning and exploring. Creativity, communication, persistence, and teamwork are all by-products of a Maker Mindset.