adventBy Trephina Bedell.

Thanks to Facebook and its “On This Day Tool,” I was reminded of a special Advent memory.  I was told that it was a good story to share with you today in honor of Advent and so I will…

Just the other day, a conversation with my 3 ½ year old daughter went something like this:


“Yes, Baby Girl?”

“Can I light the candles for Jesus again this year?”

“What candles, honey?”

“The candles at church.”

“The white ones on the altar?”

“No, Mommy, the ones where the people stand. We did it last year. Me, my sister, Daddy and You – at Christmas. Can I light the candles for Jesus, PPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEE!”

“You mean the pink and purple ones in the wreath?”

“YES!! With the big white candle in the center.”

“You remember that?”

“Yes Mommy, I was 2 1/2 . But the candles were for Jesus Birthday.”

Children are a blessing and they will share their faith in Jesus with others in their lives willingly through talking and playing. My daughters have both made me smile when I hear about their faith-sharing from others. When adults ask me questions about my children’s faith, it allows me an open door to share my faith as well. Plus the girls are not picky about who they talk to about Jesus because Jesus is a part of their daily lives, and it is only natural to them to have Jesus be part of their friends’ lives too. I am not surprised at how many pretend tea and birthday parties Jesus attends in our home, I am just thankful.

My daughter had such a simple request, to light the candles for Jesus Birthday. Little does she know how many people she will impact and share her faith with in such a simple request. I hope her light shines for HIM the rest of her life!

Please join us on Sunday at Immanuel in Palatine to prepare for Jesus’ birthday party!