Reservation Form

Wednesday, Dec 16th @ 7:00pm - Worship Service 

Sorry, the registration form for this service is now closed to allow time for processing. Please check back on Monday, when the form for next weekend's services will open. Please call or email the pastors if you have missed the registration deadline. They will be glad to receive your registration by phone or email and will contact you regarding availability, if necessary.

About the “RSVP Church Seating (7:00PM)” Form

Please use this form to reserve seating for yourself (and your family) at this week’s Wednesday 7:00 PM worship service.
Please complete the required fields and press “Submit Your Request” at the bottom of the form. You will then receive a message that confirms successful submission of your request.
If maximum seating capacity for the service has already been reached, your reservation request will not be accepted and instead of the expected confirmation, you will instead receive a notification of full capacity. We are very sorry, but everyone’s safety is our top priority.