Jewish Roots Judaism and Christianity. Two spiritual points of view that seem worlds apart— but it hasn’t always been that way! In this series, you’ll learn about the rich heritage of the Christian faith, which is grounded in the same Old Testament Scriptures as Judaism.

You’ll be guided through the Jewish roots of Christianity by three men who are Jewish by birth, but followers of Jesus by choice. Meno Kalisher is a pastor in Jerusalem, Avner Boskey serves as a worship leader and tour guide in Israel, and Michael Rydelnik is a professor of Jewish Studies at the Moody Bible Institute. Along with host Mart De Haan, they’ll take you on an amazing journey to see the birthplace of the Christian church in Jerusalem and the very pools where the first 3,000 followers of Christ were baptized. Their lively discussion will offer fresh insight into the religious dynamics experienced by the first Christians, and will deepen your own understanding of the Scriptures.

Leader: Jim Meyer
Room: Middle School Room 252
Meets weekly

Please contact Pastor Warren Schilf with any questions… 847-359-1549 x160

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