Husband and Wife Global Messenger Duo Thanks Immanuel’s Students

Immanuel Principal Delaine Schiestel and Special Olympics Global Messengers Lisa and Kurt Nobel.

Special Olympics Global Messengers, Kurt and Lisa Nobel, gathered with Immanuel Lutheran School students for chapel yesterday and then stayed to personally thank them for Immanuel’s support of the Hospitality and Game tent at the Special Olympics Area 18 Annual Spring Games-Track and Field Competition this coming Sunday.

The Nobels became Special Olympics Global Messengers last October and have been competing in Special Olympics a combined forty years plus.  They’ve celebrated many victories together, on and off the field, including their 8th wedding anniversary earlier this month.  This was Kurt’s 4th speaking event, earning him a coveted Special Olympics Global Messenger jacket.

They thanked Immanuel for supporting the Hospitality and Game tent. Immanuel volunteers, both adults and students, have sponsored the Hospitality Tent for 22 years, under the able direction of Elaine Schmitt and Carol Hajkaluk. This year, Immanuel’s Student Council sponsored a bake sale, raising over $500 to help with the effort.

From the moment Immanuel Principal Delaine Schiestel introduced the Nobels, they were terrific role models for the students. Not only did they express appreciation, they talked about the importance of being brave, doing your best, and being supportive of others.  Judging by the robust round of applause when they finished speaking, the students also appreciated them!

To learn how you can help with Immanuel’s 2017 Special Olympics Hospitality Tent, please see Come on out this Sunday and cheer on Lisa and Kurt!  They will be competing in race walking and mini-javelin events.

Stronger Together April 22

StrongerTogether SquareOn April 22, the Stronger Together planning team will be meeting with representatives of the Board of Directors, Board of Elders, and the School Board to talk about a 10 year vision, a 3 year strategic plan, a one year operating plan and quarterly priorities.

If you are interested in attending the April 22 meeting and/or joining the Stronger Together planning team, please contact Tom Hensley (, Pastor Tom (, or Diana Broj ( and they’d be glad to welcome you aboard!

American Heritage Girls Flower and Plant Sale

FlowerPlantSaleIt’s time to order flowers and plants for Mother’s Day and for your garden! AHG Troop IL0412 will be in Fellowship Hall after all services on Sundays, April 9th, and April 23rd to take your orders. There are many varieties of flowers available in flats, hanging baskets and small pots to repot into flower beds or containers. In addition, we have several vegetables and herbs available. Delivery Day is Thursday, May 11th. The proceeds from this sale will be used to purchase supplies needed to complete badge work during the troop’s bi-monthly meetings and to offset expenses for service projects and troop activities.

Cambodian Mission Team Returns

Cambodia 2017Immanuel’s Cambodia Mission Team: Pastor Donald Antor, Steve and Marilyn Kosmella, Andrea Onuskanich, Julie and Andy Radetski.

The Cambodia mission week began with worship services in 3 villages. The theme for the week was Easter, and Pastor Donald preached, aided by an interpreter, telling the good news of forgiveness and God’s love and the hope we have. The team did 2 skits depicting Palm Sunday and the empty tomb on Easter Sunday. In each village we were awed by the enthusiastic and beautiful singing as we sang together in 2 languages. The joyful village Christians were welcoming and attentive and thanked us for coming.

We went to a different village each day, Monday - Friday, and held an eyeglass clinic while some of the team engaged the children and adults in arts and crafts, singing, games, English instruction, and Bible lessons with an emphasis on God’s love and Easter. 60 to 100 people attended each clinic, some from miles away, and we gave out over 500 eyeglasses and 300+ sunglasses. Cambodia 2017Each client was prayed over at the final station and sent with a blessing and a written “plan of salvation” sheet to share. Each day began with a worship service, and the team acted out “doubting Thomas”. Pastor Donald preached on faith in Jesus and God’s grace as the way to salvation. This is especially important since it’s contrary to what Buddhism teaches.

In one village, Pastor Donald and Pastor Samuel baptized 12 people. We also had an evening church service in the home of a friend of Pastor Samuel. One young man said he understood the Easter message more clearly after watching it portrayed in the skit.
Again, we left Cambodia feeling humbled by the privilege of serving the wonderful Cambodian people, being welcomed into their living space, and the gratitude they expressed. Cambodia 2017Seeing the many smiles on their faces as they were able to see through their first pair of glasses was a rich reward as well as hearing the children sing “Jesus Loves Me” in English after much instruction. We came to share the love of Christ and were blessed by much love and appreciation in return.

Please continue to pray for faithful servants George and Shary Frahm, Pastor Samuel and family, and the Cambodian people, that many would accept Jesus as their Savior. Thank you to all who helped to support the mission.


New Session of GriefShare Begins April 11

griefshareGriefShare, a special help seminar and support group for people experiencing grief and loss, will be held on Tuesday evenings at Immanuel Lutheran Palatine, beginning April 11, from 7:00-8:30 p.m. through the end of May

GriefShare features nationally recognized experts on grief recovery topics. Seminar sessions include “Is This Normal?” “The Challenges of Grief,” “Grief and Your Relationships,” “Why?” and “Guilt and Anger.”

Linda Campbell, a psychology professor and experienced GriefShare leader, along with Jeannette Berger, will be leading the spring session.  Deaconess Suzanne Fingerle oversees the GriefShare program at Immanuel. Deaconess Fingerle, a former hospice and hospital chaplain, has been facilitating grief support groups since 2000. She also has personal experience with grief after the death of her parents and several other close family members.

One recent participant said of the group, “I really appreciate everything you did to help my recovery from my loss.  Grief is so awful and being with our little family every week gave me such comfort.  Little did I know that those nights would help me so much.”  Another participant stated that, “This was a stellar program, led by a caring compassionate, talented leader. Over the past 3 - 4 months, the course has helped me to build confidence, evaluate my future, and come to grips with the past.”

GriefShare meetings will be held at 200 North Plum Grove Road, Palatine, IL 60067. There is a $15 fee to cover the cost of materials. Scholarships are available for those that need assistance covering the fee. For more information, please visit Immanuel’s website: or contact Deaconess Suzanne, 847-359-1549 or

Altar Guild: Serving Behind the Scenes 

By Kevin Kindelin

A lot of the “goings-on” at Immanuel are fairly obvious. At service, you see the pastor, or pastors as it were, delivering the sermon, offering up prayers, administering communion, baptizing babies, etc. It’s not hard to spot an elder bustling about clearly appearing as if whatever he’s doing is of the utmost importance. Just kidding, I don’t think we come off that badly. The ushers and greeters are obvious as you enter the narthex, but what about what’s going on behind the scenes? Recently, I started thinking about the Altar Guild and what it is that they do. The Altar Guild is one of those ministries that many of us don’t ever think about. I always used to think of it as the women who prepared communion. I’ve since learned they do that and much more.

Sure, they still make sure communion is prepared properly. They’re responsible for getting the wine poured into the little cups, having the right amount of wafers available, and making sure that we don’t run out! Of course, there’s much more to it than that. Altar Guild Directress Laverne Ollhoff stated that, “Altar Guild’s mission is to prepare the Sanctuary for the preaching of the Word and the administration of the Sacraments.  We do whatever is requested by the ministry staff to enable them to fulfill their calling to Immanuel.” This includes more duties and responsibilities than can be named here. What the members of Altar Guild do is give of themselves to provide a presentable, functional environment that allows us to worship according to our beliefs and traditions.

They make sure the pastors’ and communion assistants’ albs are clean and presentable. You might be wondering what “albs” are. They’re the long white robes that make pastors and communion assistants look really uncomfortable on hot summer days. How do you think those things get clean? Last time I checked, Immanuel didn’t have a washing machine and dryer. That’s right, Altar Guild members take them home and wash them themselves as well as any other linens or towels used in the service.

They also water and maintain the plants in the church and elsewhere around the building. The list of duties and responsibilities goes on and on. I haven’t even mentioned what needs to be prepared and displayed for the various holidays. To accomplish all that needs to be done, Altar Guild is divided into three groups with 10-13 members in each group. Each group has a leader whose responsibility is to “staff” her group if they’re on duty that weekend. Since each group rotates every 3rd weekend, not everyone in a group is needed each time.

What impresses me most about this group is that they embody the very essence of Christian volunteerism that is so crucial to the survival of our church. A church is its members. We should have a vested interest in our church and its mission. Altar Guild members serve behind the scenes and truly give of themselves. Each member pays $15 a year in dues to cover some items not covered by the church budget. They’re actually paying to serve! Of course, this is voluntary.

If you are interested in joining Altar Guild, you are needed. Men as well as women are welcome to join. Call Laverne Ollhoff at the church office – 847 359 1549 or send her an email -

Adventure Bible Class Creates Unique Gifts for Shoeboxes

The March Operation Christmas Child Item of the Month is “Quality Crafts” and the Adventure Bible Class used their creativity to make their own wearable craft - hand painted necklaces! Made from washers, nail polish and ribbon these unique necklaces are sure to delight a child who receives them in their box. Watch the video below to hear them singing while they work!

If you’re not a crafter you can donate store bought items. We’re collecting for Operation Christmas Child (OCC) 2017 Shoeboxes year-round. Simply drop off your donations in the bin just outside of Fellowship Hall by the youth bulletin board. If you have any questions, please contact Trephina Bedell, or 847-359-1549. More on Operation Christmas Child.

necklace making for operation christmas child
necklace making for operation christmas child
necklace making for operation christmas child

A “Crocodile Crossing” Adventure for Trail Life Boys

crocodile crossing

Team members hold the ropes as one Trail Life boy crosses the “crocodile pit”.

At last Monday’s Trail Life meeting troup members got to experience a “Crocodile Crossing”. First the boys built an A-frame using all the lashings and knots they’ve learned over the past 3 meetings. It was important for the A-frame to be very strong because it was then used to cross an imaginary crocodile pit! Ropes were attached to the A-frame and while one team member balanced on it the others had to use the ropes to keep him balanced and help him move across the pit.

Not only was this a great chance to test their lashing and knots skills, working together to get across was an important team building exercise.

Watch the video below!



Team Departs for Cambodia

cambodiaThe team is on its way to Cambodia!  Pastor Donald writes, “Today begins my two week mission trip to Cambodia. I never dreamed of doing something like this. It is out of my comfort zone, but I’m  extremely humbled by this opportunity to spread the Gospel Message of Christ crucified. I’m excited to see what God has in store for the next two weeks. Praying that our team can be God’s instruments to share the message of Christ with those who don’t know.”

Stay tuned for more news of their trip.