What is our mission with Kids Hope USA?

Form caring and life-changing relationships, one at a time: One Child. One Hour. One Church. One School.

What is Kids Hope USA? Kids Hope USA churches give hope to children in public elementary schools through a relationship with a caring adult from the partnering church.

H:Helping to meet the emotional, social, and academic needs of at-risk children by giving them a one-to-one relationship with a mentor from our church.

O: Owned by our church. This is our ministry to children and families in our community.

P: Prayer is the foundation for our work. Each adult-child relationship is wrapped in prayer from a behind-the-scenes prayer partner from our church.

E: Elementary school children are our focus. They need mentoring most because they are at that critical time when values are formed, self-esteem is developed and academic skills must be acquired.

How can you help with Kids Hope USA?

There are many things you can do!  Please feel free to contact Deaconess Suzanne at 847-359-1549 to discuss your involvement. Read on to learn about four ways you can help…

#1. Become a Mentor!


  • Love children and be sensitive to their needs
  • Be ready to listen to a child
  • Have your own transportation
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Be a member/regular attendee of our church
  • Be there for only your child
  • Be faithful - one hour each week for one year
  • Believe in your child
  • Be at least 16 years of age


KIDS HOPE USA mentors provide one-to-one mentoring for elementary aged children at Virginia Lake School. The mentor will often use materials provided by the teacher to help the child achieve a specific objective. After each mentoring session, the mentor is required to complete a Daily Progress Report summarizing the session.

TRAINING PROVIDED: All mentors are fully trained to develop a successful mentoring relationship. Equally important, the KIDS HOPE USA Director will always be available to advise and assist all mentors.

#3. Become a Substitute Mentor!


  • See mentor qualifications above.


  • Be available to stand in for a mentor who must miss a session. See above for mentor responsibilities.

#2. Become a Prayer Partner!


  • Love for children and the conviction that prayer changes things


  • Make a commitment to faithfully pray for a KIDS HOPE USA mentor and the child he/she is assigned
  • Contact the mentor on a regular basis to get a progress report on:
    • Mentor/child relationship
    • Child’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Any other prayer needs including joys and concerns
    • Maintain confidentiality

    TIME COMMITMENT: Prayer is the foundation for all we do. Your willingness to keep the mentor and child supported through your prayers is critical for the success of the relationship. We ask that you pray on the day that your child and mentor meet as well as other times throughout the week. HOW LONG WILL THIS JOB LAST? Your initial commitment is one school year, but our hope is that you would be willing to follow the child through elementary school with your prayers. You might be the only person praying for this child.

#4. Help with Administration… 


  • Willingness to help and organizational skills.


  • Working with Deaconess Suzanne to help run the program and organize events.